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Trenchless Utilities has a pedigree as a specialist utilities installation contractor stretching back over three decades. During that time Trenchless Utilities has earned a reputation as being at the forefront of mechanization, innovation and trenchless technology, with the following significant achievements.


James Johnson (CEO) incorporates his background knowledge and worldwide training experience in heavy plant agricultural management to commence work as an Earthmover Contractor.

1986 - Hard Rock Specialists

Commenced trading as RockBusters. This was one of the first companies to specialize in rock excavation, offering the then latest technology of rock breaking and rock sawing capability to utility installers throughout WA was formed.

1996 – The Dawn of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Australia

Trenchless Utilities was born as one of only six contactors selected by Telstra to provide the brand new technology of HDD for the national role out of cable television in Western Australia (WA).

1997 – Alinta Gas First

Trenchless Utilities trails demonstrate a system that enables them replacement the old hemp jointed gas mains system will still live. This is made possible because of a location verification method they developed in house which allows them to consistently drill to an accrucy of +/- 100mm of the live gas main.

1996 – Western Power

In June of this year Trenchless Utilities installs the first mains power cable ever installed for Western Power at Cottesloe Beach in WA. During this time Trenchless Utilities developed processes that became the blueprint for the ongoing underground power program still running today.

1996 – Western Water

Trenchless Utilities was again the first company to introduce a system of live main replacement by HDD to Western Water.

1998 – Water Corporation of Western Australia

Trenchless Utilities commences research and development conducting extensive trials to achieve the holy grail of high HDD at the accuracy of + - 5mm on grade sewer installation for the Water Authority of WA by HDD and tunneling tooling designs and procedures it developed as part of an extensive twelve month field study.

2000 – International Consultation

Trenchless Utilities is appointed lead Trenchless Technology consultant for Reliance,, India’s largest corporation, to advise on all aspects of installation process and methodology’s of the InfoCom Project which was then the largest optic fibre role out in the world (72,000 km) linking the entirety of the Indian sub-continent.

2002 – 2005 Wins Major International Project

Trenchless Utilities project manages over one hundred HDD rigs positioned throughout the continent, and supplies a team of twenty HDD experts.


Perth to Mandurah rail link Trenchless provision the major portion of rail signaling communication backbone along with Ploughed Earthing and power distribution networks


Mitchell Freeway extension Hodges drive to Burns Beach road, Trenchless were engaged as the main contractors for the installation of the electrical and communications infrastructure along 5km extension for Downer EDI.

2011 – Heavy Haul Rail

Trenchless Utilities consults to Bombardier Transportation on the installation of the optic fibre backbone system for automated heavy haul rail signaling and train monitoring, servicing the 2.4 billion tone $10b debt funded project Roy Hill mine site.

Services included delivery of full scope and feasibility on all civil aspect of sub site installation of the backbone and localized distribution system by trench and Trenchless methodology within the extremely harsh, isolated environment of Australia’s North West. This communications system possessed the capabilities to handle real time data transfer of the band width required autonomous control providing the dawn of the age of driverless trains, haul trucks form control center 2 thousands kilometers away.

2013 – Applies for Patent of its SAFE TRENCH Utilities Installation System

One of six identified main stream uses for its radical milling auger excavation design. Other applications include subsea ocean floor pipe and cable installation. In this same year Future Construction & Civil Pty Ltd becomes a registered research and development organization.


Trenchless Utilities engages in National Broadband Network (NBN), the nationwide mass rollout of broadband optic fibre, scheduled to be completed by 2020. This currently provides stable long term works for four HDD crews in metropolitan Perth.


Trenchless International Magazine writes an article on Trenchless Utilities entitled: A History of Firsts.

In May 2015 Trenchless Utilities was nominated for the 2015 Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Earth Awards for the sub site installation of wideband optic fibre to Cristal Mining using Trenchless Utilities in-house design and manufactured patent pending SAFE TRENCH system.


Formation of a new business arm, offering engineered soil stabilization for foundations, hard stand, dust control, temporary and permanent site pad setups, road remediation, remediation of pot holes, and corrugated roads with collapsed sub formation. This process creates concrete-like surfaces using onsite or recycled materials to offer considerable cost saving and longevity to the structure.

The Future

Today Trenchless Utilities is a long established family company with the invigoration of new family blood. Craig Carty (31) now has his own impressive record as a concise Project Manager, and Adam Talbot Johnson (21) currently plays a pivotal role as hands on Site Supervisor and Management Trainee.

With this solid and stable foundation as well as the knowledge and experience of the past combined with the ever new evolving technologies either adopted or developed in-house, we are very excited for the future direction of the business and look forward to offering ongoing reliable quality service to our clients.


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BP demands a high level of performance in all aspects of projects. In addition to completing works effectively and efficiently, contractors must adhere to strict safety regulations; be able to adapt to sometimes difficult and challenging conditions; and conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.


Amcon We have found Trenchless Utilities to provide an efficient service as well as being well versed in project issues such as Health and Safety and Quality Control issues.

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Over the last two and one half years we have been getting to know Mr Johnson and his intrepid Trenchless team and they have done a marvelous job of teaching us how to use these 100+ HDD machinery, for the sake of your country men

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Phone: (08) 6305 0093
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Office: 15 Dillington Pass, Landsdale
Western Australia, 6065

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Trenchless Utilities is Certified by CM3  for its safety systems which is assessed by GreencappNAA – one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management

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