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Trenchless Utilities considers its reputation of paramount importance to long term success, Self-assessment by continuous monitoring of its own performance is a crucial tool used in its business navigation process, and our offering of value is a compound of many deliverables other than finical benefit.

These include commitment to harmonious client interaction which starts with the competency and true professionalism of our workforce this is reinforced through leadership and mentoring. We also believe that well managed safety procedures should be implemented along with the latest industry standards. Above all our belief is in fairness and ethics which promote long lasting sustainable relationships built on trust and the maintenance of standards which exceed client expectation.


  • At Trenchless Utilities we value the environment and ensure environmental practices are strictly followed in our day-to-day activities.

    We employ practices that enhance and preserve our natural and cultural heritage and minimise negative environmental impacts where possible.

    As part of our civil construction of telecommunications network, we endeavour to:

    • Keep up with environmental laws, regulations and telecommunication codes of practice and continue to update work practices to ensure compliance with these requirements.
    • Continue to improve environmental performance by updating reviews on environmental objectives, targets and performance measures.
    • Manage our wide range of activities so that any pollution or visual impact on air, water, land, flora, fauna, cultural or heritage values are prevented or minimised.
    • Lessen the progression of waste through the adoption of sound waste management practices wherever possible and ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly.
    • Take the opportunity to review and integrate environmental good practice into our business and provide up-to-date training to ensure these practices are carried out.
    • Ensure our contractors and suppliers meet the same environmental standards as us.
    • Be responsive to all concerns and questions on the environment raised by others.


    James Johnson

    General Manager

  • Trenchless Utilities employs a strong, stable and qualified workforce. We do not intentionally discriminate in employment or service on the basis of sex, sexual preference, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, nationality, ethnic or racial background, religious or political conviction, physical, or intellectual disability or impairment (providing the nature of the work allows for such employment), union membership or age.

    ‘Discrimination’ refers to any practice that makes a distinction between individuals or groups, so as to advantage one and/or disadvantage the other.

    Trenchless Utilities Employment Policy ensures:

    • Action is taken to identify and remove any existing discrimination over which it has control/authority.
    • Employees and customers are treated fairly and equitably in an environment free of unacceptable behaviour, intimidation and sexual harassment. (Unacceptable behaviour depends on the recipients perception, which can differ from person to person).
    • Managers treat any complaint of unacceptable behaviour, intimidation and sexual harassment seriously and promptly.
    • Managers take affirmative action to recruit, employ and advance in employment, females, minorities and people with a disability, for all positions in which they are qualified to perform.
    • We condone only valid and reasonable actions in identifying employment and promotional opportunities.


    The purpose of this policy and procedures is to ensure that Trenchless Utilities has access to the best employees available, and can:

    • Assist employees in reaching their full potential,
    • Retain well-trained and talented employees,
    • Work towards a gender balance where it is appropriate, and
    • Provide a working environment that is characterised by high morale, good teamwork and high productivity, satisfaction and motivation.

    James Johnson

    General Manager

  • Trenchless Utilities is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees. We will work safely in an environment that promotes the health and well being of all employees.

    In support of this policy, management accepts the responsibility for the prevention of accidents, through the identification and elimination of workplace hazards and the promotion of safety awareness among their employees and contractors. Trenchless Utilities will abide by all statutory Acts and Regulations as a minimum standard and will strive to maintain a level of safety that extends well beyond the legal requirements.

    To consistently achieve this aim, it is important that:

    •  Supervisory personnel understand and accept their responsibilities for preventing injuries to the people they supervise.
    • All employees accept their responsibility to work safely and to extend this concern to fellow employees.
    • Equipment and processes in both new and existing operations be properly designed, maintained and operated to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.
    • All accidents and incidents will be thoroughly investigated to prevent their recurrence.
    • Employees attend Company sponsored training programs and inductions, as an integral part of their employment conditions.
    • Whenever illness or injury results in disability, a rehabilitation program is put into place to assist the employee to return to their employment.
    • Trenchless Utilities encourage employee participation in all matters affecting the safety and health of its people and invite suggestions from all personnel in which safety can be improved.

    James Johnson

    General Manager

  • At Trenchless Utilities , the safety of our employees, clients and the general public is our number one priority. We ensure this responsibility is shared by all employees, through the promotion of Toolbox meetings, Hazard Analysis, instruction, training and supervision of the workforce.


    Trenchless Utilities  recognises its moral and legal responsibility to:

    • Provide a safe and healthy workplace that does not place its employees, customers or the general public at risk of injury, illness, or property damage.
    • Assist in the return of any ill or injured employees to ongoing productive work in a timely and cost effective manner.


    • Trenchless Utilities  aims to prevent work-related incidents by:
    • Providing safe plant and systems of work.
    • Providing written procedures and instructions for better safety.
    • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and industry standards.
    • Providing support and assistance to staff members and customers for their safety.
    • Providing information, instructions, training and supervision to staff and contractors.


    The key business rules to support this policy are:

    • Managers to understand their knowledge on health and safety.
    • Managers to provide plans for their area of responsibility.
    • Managers to check and control hazards within their area of responsibility.
    • Managers to check documents and communicate safe working practices.
    • Employees are provided with health and safety information, and necessary instruction and training for the safety of others.
    • Employees participate in all health and safety plans and activities.
    • Employees accept their duty of care and follow all safety policies and procedures including appropriate work wear required.
    • All work related incidents are reported and investigated to ensure future prevention.
    • Any person injured through work activities receives proper care, attention and rehabilitation.
    • The safety of Trenchless Utilities  contractors, customers and public at large are factored into all health and safety activities.

    James Johnson

    General Manager

  • Trenchless Utilities places high value on maintaining our excellent reputation and building upon our business relationships. We aim not only to exceed client expectation but to be one of the most highly regarded civil works contractors in Western Australia.

    We pride ourselves on the competency of our workforce, ensuring we consistently put together teams with the right skills mix to deliver projects on time, with continuity of work, within budget and safely. We also believe our teams should be a pleasure for our clients to engage with.

    Trenchless Utilities continually strives to meet our client’s expectations and our core Company values in terms of:


    Following and continually improving upon our Integrated Management System with an emphasis on satisfying health and safety standards. We value our staff therefore our Company culture is to ensure we make every working day a safe working one without compromise. We are proud of our zero injuries record and strive to maintain this, through all staff actively participating in OHS activities, recognising and responding effectively to risks and hazards without incident.


    To follow and enhance our Integrated Management System, which supports the delivery of quality in all of our operations, through clear processes and plans. Our standard procedures ensure we monitor and act upon our key performance indicators (KPIs), to allow for continual operational improvement. Furthermore we actively seek, analyse and respond to feedback on all projects through detailed client questionnaires.


    To deliver projects on schedule, within budget and to our clients satisfaction.


    To manage effectively to ensure the job is always: ‘done right first time’, mentoring and training staff to ensure efficiency, safety and skills development.

    Quality and Values Statement


    The ethical and fair treatment of our clients, employees and the way in which we approach our projects.


    Securing experienced staff and cultivating talent through industry training courses, licenses and accreditations as part of a training strategy developed by a qualified in house trainer. Our company culture also places emphasis on core industry skills:

    • Planning and organisation
    • Initiative and enterprise
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Problem solving
    • Self management
    • Learning
    • Technology

    James Johnson

    General Manager

    • Academic Management Qualifications
    • First Aid
    • Confined space
    • Blue / White Card OHSE
    • Transport & logistics ( Warehousing and Storage
    • Working at Height’s
    • Portable Fire Extinguishing Equipment
    • HSE Quality Contractor Induction
    • Traffic Management
    • Working in the Proximity or Power lines
    • Accredited Contractor
    • Plant location
    • Major Cable Hauling MCH Telstra Acc
    • Pit Pipe & Haul PCN
    • Pit & Pipe Accreditation
    • Optic fibre hauling
    • Site induction card
    • manhole Construction
    • Preferred vendor No
    • Preferred supplier No
    • Power Cable Haul
    • Certified PE welding
    • Certified Steel pipe
    • Western Power Supply(?) ticket
    • WP pit pipe and haul (PB + MJ)
    • Compound induction
    • Site access  induction numerous
    • Rail Access & Track Accreditation
    • Plant operation various

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Office: Trenchless
15 Dillington Pass Landsdale
Western Australia, 6027

email: jrj[at]
Phone: 0400 660 664

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What Our Clients Say


BP demands a high level of performance in all aspects of projects. In addition to completing works effectively and efficiently, contractors must adhere to strict safety regulations; be able to adapt to sometimes difficult and challenging conditions; and conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.


Amcon We have found Trenchless Utilities to provide an efficient service as well as being well versed in project issues such as Health and Safety and Quality Control issues.

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Over the last two and one half years we have been getting to know Mr Johnson and his intrepid Trenchless team and they have done a marvelous job of teaching us how to use these 100+ HDD machinery, for the sake of your country men

Contact Information

Phone: (08) 6305 0093
Mobile: 0410 476 034
Office: 15 Dillington Pass, Landsdale
Western Australia, 6065

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Trenchless Utilities is Certified by CM3  for its safety systems which is assessed by GreencappNAA – one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management

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