Trenchless Utilities are Communications & Energy Infrastructure Civil Contractor’s specialising in subsite installations of multi utilities by trenchless and conventional open trench excavation.

Our credentials are based on a reputation as one of the pioneers of the introduction of Trenchless Technology into Australia. This included R & D and the development of methodologies and process’s which have subsequently been adopted as the blue print procedures for large scale infrastructure role outs with Australia and Overseas.

As a civil contractor we supply point to point connections Metro, Rural  and remote locations these include Directional drilling, Rock trenching, Rock sawing Rock drilling for Optic fibre backbone infrastructure, Power Gas and Water.

Recently acting as lead consultants Trenchless provide full scope and feasibility assessment for rail signalling backbone on one the largest heavy haul Rail projects in Australia

Internationally, Trenchless has consulted and supplied specialist services to various multi nationals within world leading infrastructure projects.

In 2002, Trenchless Utilities implemented and demonstrated its expertise when it took part in one of the largest communication projects conducted to that date which involved the installation of 72,000 kilometres of optic fibre linking all the major Indian cities.

2006 Trenchless provisioned a major portion of the civil and utilities installation on the WA Perth to Mandurah Rail Link.

Through ongoing R & D  the company has its own IP and systems such as SAFETRENCH® a patent pending hybrid Rotational Power Assisted Plow/Trench pipe and cable laying system based on a redigested mechanical design which enable the installing conduit or cable in greenfield areas which is SAFER, FASTER , ENVIROMENTALLY responsible and provides a better Quality Finished Asset.

As a result of the R & D focus by Trenchless over the years the company owns a variety of IP related to cutting edge utility installation techniques in the form of Technical documents, Papers Best practices Patents, &  Redigested trademarks

The resulting HDD processes developed became the blue print for current day techniques of safely replacing live main utilities without service disruption for Alinta Gas (now Jemena) and WA Water Corporation. Trenchless was also responsible for the introduction of the HDD Technology to Western Power which became the key technology in the ongoing Perth Underground Electrification Scheme today. Trenchless  has worked international and acted as lead consultant to Multinationals on large world class resource projects

As a member of the Civil Contractors Federation Trenchless operates under CCF- IMS Integrated Management System which generally Complies with the Civil Construction Management code.

The process of System certification against the relevant standards has a target compliance date of 30th July 2014 to become a fully  System Certified Contractor.