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TRENCHLESS began as an excavation contractor in 1983 with Backhoes and Polclain rubber tyred Excavators by 1986, Trenchless was one of the first companies to specialize in rock excavation, offering the then new technology of excavator mounted rock breakers, the company worked in 2 areas, Demolition and the installation of utilities in the Rock, much of this work was either in the Iron stone rock of the Darling Ranges or coastal sandstones.

Rock saw trencher either wheel of chain type are most cost effective method of excavating long lateral linear meter of rock as it cuts a uniform vertical trench unlike rock barkers which have to brake piece by piece V shaped trench to gain depth therefore excavating larger volumes than required, rock breakers are tedious process that produces boulders and poor quality back-fill unlike the finely ground and consistent powder or crumbed spoil produced by the milling action of the trencher which is an excellent back-fill material.

The trench produced is a concise and consistent in depth and width.  It is a constant process of seamless mechanical action that rapidly produces a uniform consistent trench

Today we provide 4 Rock Solutions

  • ROCK DRILLING by Horizontal Directional drill and air hammer
  • ROCK excavation by surface mining
rock trenching


rock drilling


rock excavation


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Office: Trenchless
15 Dillington Pass Landsdale
Western Australia, 6027

email: jrj[at]
Phone: 0400 660 664

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BP demands a high level of performance in all aspects of projects. In addition to completing works effectively and efficiently, contractors must adhere to strict safety regulations; be able to adapt to sometimes difficult and challenging conditions; and conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.


Amcon We have found Trenchless Utilities to provide an efficient service as well as being well versed in project issues such as Health and Safety and Quality Control issues.

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Over the last two and one half years we have been getting to know Mr Johnson and his intrepid Trenchless team and they have done a marvelous job of teaching us how to use these 100+ HDD machinery, for the sake of your country men

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Phone: (08) 6305 0093
Mobile: 0410 476 034
Office: 15 Dillington Pass, Landsdale
Western Australia, 6065

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Trenchless Utilities is Certified by CM3  for its safety systems which is assessed by GreencappNAA – one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management

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